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Increased optimisation with laboratory and warehouse investment at RETAL Baltic Films

The pace of RETAL’s ongoing development shows no sign of slowing down, even though 2020 has been full of unforeseen challenges.

The global plastic packaging manufacturer has been able to stay close to its investment and progression strategy this year, with its ambitious CSR strategy underpinning its success.

An important example of RETAL’s continued growth is the official opening of its dedicated new laboratory and warehouse at its RETAL Baltic Films facility in Klaipeda, which represents a considerable €4.5 million investment, resulting in enhanced testing facilities and a new 4000 square metre warehouse.

RETAL Baltic Films General Manager, Viktorija Griziene, explained how this investment illustrates RETAL’s focus on development.

“We are delighted that our new facilities will support our ambitions to deliver complete packaging solutions for our customers. We can now offer fast, reliable, expert testing in-house, which guarantees that customers can clearly understand every element of their products from RETAL. Essentially, we can imitate the actual industrial processes that our customers use, including capping and filling, allowing us to smooth out any details that could be optimised.”

This complete packaging solution now includes a highly sophisticated validation process, thanks to the investment in the laboratory at RETAL Baltic Films, which assures guaranteed product quality stability due to the in-house equipment and technical expertise.

“Our highly experienced team can effectively utilise the new equipment to analyse the product and any changes the customer requires, including new additives, slight design changes, or new materials,” continued Ms Griziene.

“We can test prototypes and offer on-going testing for films, preforms and closures. By investing in this equipment and the laboratory itself, as well as completing extensive additional training for our quality technicians, we now have every element under our control. This helps to speed up the testing process as well as keeping all our specific product knowledge in one place. We’re now faster and even more flexible.”

With the new facilities completed in September, the official acceptance by government representatives took place on 20th October.

The laboratory includes Zeiss coordinate measuring machines, which control the accuracy of all parameters of the closures, a Zalkin pilot capping line which imitates the capping conditions as well as testing new closures, and equipment to test for closure resistance in accordance with leading brand requirements.

Combined with the impressive and ever-increasing technical knowledge of the RETAL team, the company is assured of its competitive advantage, while maintaining excellent relationships with its global food and beverage brand owner customers.

Aleksandr Grinko, Head of Quality at RETAL, is clear that this strategic investment will further support the company’s long-term dedication to designing, producing, and supplying high quality PET and rPET preforms, closures and films.

“Quality is key. This new purpose-built facility will bring even tighter quality control capabilities to the whole of RETAL, not just to our Baltic site, because we will engage our network of 19 RETAL factories and encourage the utilisation of these excellent testing and validation instruments,” he said.

“We will also take advantage of the fact that we share standardised practices where possible throughout RETAL, which helps to speed up the testing process and ensures customers get their high-quality packaging from us as quickly as possible. By investing, training, and utilising our equipment, we are guaranteeing reliability at every stage of the process.”

The new warehousing facilities will also bring additional benefits for customers, with the increased storage allowing for greater stocks which, in turn, means that deliveries can be made more quickly and flexibly.

Ms Griziene added: “As we see increased demand for our products, we need to increase production volumes and warehousing storage for finished products. This new investment means our large warehouse is now equipped with a software racking system and more shipping bins. The increased storage and greater automation mean that we can optimise the throughput of the warehouse and provide greater flexibility and speed to our customers.”

The RETAL sales team has been active in sharing this information with customers, who can reliably decide on the best solution for their needs. 

The new administrative facilities also offer a more comfortable environment for the RETAL Baltic Films team, with brighter, more spacious areas in which to enjoy break times, including a new canteen, larger offices, and upgraded changing areas for production workers.

With investment in people, production, and premises, RETAL Baltic Films is certainly proving that its ambitious targets are in close reach, as plans for ongoing development continue for 2021 and beyond.