From Crop to Consumption

Avozilla returns to UK high streets

Thanks to a great harvest in their native South Africa, the legendary Avozilla is on sale exclusively at Tesco stores weighing in at an amazing average of 1.5 kilograms.

It’s one of the most sought after and rare foods in the UK and the monster version of the avocado, known as the Avozilla, will be up to 50% bigger than before.

When the fruit first went on sale over here in 2013 it caused a major high street stir as it was five times bigger than a regular avocado, however this year’s crop will be up to 10 times bigger.

Tesco chilled salad and avocado buyer Jordan Blandford said: “These amazing whoppers are guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks.

“The fruit is extremely rare and comes from just a relatively small number of trees grown by one of the world’s biggest suppliers of avocados, in South Africa.

“The Avozillas tend to grow in number every other year because the plant is depleted after bearing such large fruit.

“Last year we hardly had any but this year we also had very good growing conditions and these two factors combined to help produce the far larger fruit.”

The Avozillas available this year have an average length of nine inches and circumference of four and a half to five inches.

Previous ones had an average length of seven inches and a circumference of three and a half to four inches.

Tesco believes that this year’s Avozilla, which has an average length of nine inches, will appeal to shoppers who are looking for value for money, as well as those with large families.

Tesco’s Jordan Blandford added: “The Avozilla is perfect if you are making a party size portion of guacamole as you only need to remove the skin of one fruit. One of these monsters makes a huge bowl of guacamole.”