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Kokoro Gin launches Japanese-flavoured liqueurs

Kokoro London Dry Gin, the British Gin with a Japanese heart, has launched a range of three premium gin liqueurs with flavours from Japan.

Kokoro Blueberry and Lemongrass, Kokoro Yuzu and Ginger and Kokoro Cherry Blossom will be available to wholesalers and the on and off trade via Mangrove this month. The timing of the launch celebrates spring in Japan and the famous cherry blossom viewing season known as Hanami.

The clear glass bottles have three different designs using Japanese images which together form a triptych of Mount Bandai in Fukushima prefecture in Japan.  The illustrations were painted by Koshu, the master calligrapher who also painted the Kokoro Hirigana logo on the front of the bottle. 

James Nicol, Kokoro’s Founder says, “We’re delighted to be adding these exciting Japanese liqueurs to the Kokoro family.  We’ve spent the last two years developing the range using authentic, natural Japanese ingredients.  We’re proud that our family business is continuing to support the preservation of the forest in Japan where the sansho berries grow and which are at the heart of our gin.  We will be giving 10% from the sale of every bottle of Kokoro Gin and the Kokoro Liqueurs to help preserve the forest which is close to my family’s heart.”

Kokoro Blueberry and Lemongrass Liqueur - Blueberries are a relatively new addition to Japan, first cultivated in the 1950’s. Nagano Prefecture produces some of the best blueberries.  They are large and sweet, and people travel to the region specifically to spend the day blueberry picking.

Kokoro Yuzu and Ginger Liqueur - Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between a lime and a grapefruit; deliciously sweet and tart.

Kokoro Cherry Blossom Liqueur - Cherry Blossom, Sakura in Japanese, has a uniquely floral flavour with the softest hint of sweet cherry.

Kokoro Gin has increased monthly sales by over 36% in the last 12 months, with a listing in Morrisons and the appointment of distributors in Japan, South East Asia, Canada and Australia.  The brand’s growth in the UK on trade reflects its standing as an authentic Japanese base for a G&T and in cocktails.